Date: 14.06.2016
Prof.Ved Prakash
University Grants Commission
New Delhi


Greetings from the members of the ( ………………teachers’ association of ……………………………..).

You are aware that the teachers of higher education sector are facing numerous problems for a long time. You are also aware that we have been taking up these matters with UGC and MHRD on a regular basis and we have shown extreme patience as we are aware of our responsibilities to maintain normalcy in the institutions we serve.

Now, we humbly draw your kind and urgent attention to the following matters and seek your early intervention:

1. It is unfortunate that the 7th UGC Pay Review Committee has been constituted very late. This is for the first time that the Pay Review Committee has been constituted after the submission of the report of the corresponding Pay Commission for the Central Government employees. It is a matter of great regret that valuable time has been lost to take a comprehensive view of the existing pay scales in higher education sector in India. All the previous Pay Review Committees were given considerable time to make detailed study of the different aspects of the pay structure in higher education sector. The tradition of the UGC taking up the matter for the teachers, librarians, DPEs and other academic and administrative staff has tremendously contributed to the higher education in India. However, certain sections among us have not been treated well. We request you to ensure justice for all in the 7th pay review.
You will agree that justified pay scales will have far-flung impact on higher education in India and enable the country to successfully negotiate the complex challenges of 21st century.
We request you to arrange for discussions with the teachers associations in various parts of the country. This is the tradition of the previous pay revision exercises. We request you to take personal interest and initiative to safeguard the interest of teachers so that not only the present incumbents get decent pay scales and service conditions but also attract and retain talent in the teaching profession.

In this regard please note:

a) The pay revision exercises must have strategic vision and suitable initiatives in keeping with the paradigm shift in higher education sector.

b) As in the case of previous pay revision committees, the views of stakeholders should be given highest priority so that an inclusive, equitable and comprehensive pay revision is ensured.

c) There should be detailed deliberations across the country to recommend a suitable pay structure and service condition. The AIFUCTO along with FEDCUTA played major roles in the past pay revision exercises. Kindly see to it that the same tradition is maintained. Our national organisation possesses very valuable information and we would like to share the same with the Pay Review Committee.

d) In the past the parity between teachers, librarians and DPEs was disturbed and only after series of movements, the parity was restored. We request you to see that such things do not happen this time.

e) The pay revisions must take up the cases of demonstrators, tutors and assistant librarians as existing in many states. The last pay review committee did not do justice to them.

f) The adhoc, contractual, self-financing, part timers and guest lecturers are working for a pittance and suffer from acute lack of service security. They are rendering invaluable services to the higher education in India and yet are not getting justice.

g) The 5th and 6th Pay Revisions suffered from a number of anomalies causing considerable financial losses of incumbents and pensioners. The AIFUCTO brought these to the notice of MHRD and UGC. Most of them are still unresolved. The 7th Pay review Committee must remove anomalies of 5th & 6th pay revisions. The AIFUCTO has done extensive analysis and also suggested solutions. We request you to take appropriate action in this regard. Consultations with AIFUCTO will help to suggest suitable resolution.

h) The Pay Review Committee must address the severe problem of vacant posts and shortage of teachers. Without filling up the posts and creation of new posts, the inclusive quality education will remain a far cry.

i) We have very unhappy experience that the revised pay scales are not implemented in different states simultaneously. The matter must be considered by the Committee along with recommendations for higher central financial assistance to states to implement the revised payscales.

j) The Pay Review Committee should take up the pensioners’ issue and make it a part of the recommendations. An equitable pension of all teachers is of paramount importance.

2. Scrapping of the API and the career advancement following 6th pay Revision:
The introduction of API has severely damaged the higher education in India. The subsequent amendments made further vitiated the higher education. Most unfortunate that the decisions of UGC meetings were not implemented. We request you to end such chaotic situation as early as possible. We request you once again to scrap API with retrospective effect.

3. Roll back of CBCS and Central Universities Bill (2013):
The recent notifications on implementation of Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) w.e.f should be rolled back from July 2015 and the Central Universities Bill (2013) withdrawn.

4. Any major policy changes should be worked out in consultation with all stake holders after thorough and extensive debate about the feasibility and desirability of such changes. No time has been given for such debate. Meanwhile universities and colleges are completely unprepared for the drastic systemic change that the introduction of CBCS would entail.

5. Acute shortage of infrastructure and teachers will make all talk of choice and mobility meaningless for public funded universities and colleges. Mobility will only mean migration of students to private institutions.

There has also been no review of the Semester System on which the CBCS is based. Feedback from institutions where it has been introduced shows that it has resulted in reduction of teaching time, exam-oriented rote-learning and inordinate delays in declaration of examination results. For students of this country who come from extremely diverse socio-economic, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, learning in short semester modules is not conducive to in-depth study of any subject.

The CBCS imposes a common syllabus with only 20% variation allowed. This is antithetical to the social, cultural, regional and linguistic diversity of this country. It will eliminate the creative involvement of teachers in syllabus making and constitute an attack on the autonomy of higher education institutions. Nowhere in the world are institutions of higher education expected to follow a common syllabus.

The Central Universities of India (Teaching, Research and Administration) Bill, 2013 incorporates the CBCS and the Semester System as integral aspects, does away with any elected representation on statutory bodies, promotes MoUs with private institutions, both domestic and foreign, and does away with the right of employees to seek justice in the courts of law by bringing all disputes under an institutional Tribunal. It would bring all central universities under a Council of Vice-Chancellors headed by the HRD Minister, thereby encouraging autocratic governance and direct interference by the Government in these universities.

We urge you to withdraw the notifications for implementing CBCS from July 2015 and advise the Government to withdraw the Central Universities Bill, 2013.

6. The correct Interpretation of UGC extension of RC/OC dates and request for further date extension:

The UGC extended the date of RC/OC up to 31st Dec 2013. There is no mention of UGC regulation in the UGC order. Thus the benefit of extension should be given to all teachers whether they are covered by regulation 2010 or earlier regulation. This is the spirit of the benefit extended to the teachers. Now your office is of the opinion that this is applicable to Regulation 2000, which is a wrong interpretation. In fact no teacher on 31 Dec 2013 covered by regulation 2000 needed the extension of date of RC/OC for CAS. We request you to ensure that all teachers, whether governed by regulations 2000 or 2010 enjoy the said benefit of date extension for RC/OC.

We request you to further extend the date. Many times, in the past, we have brought in your notice, the enormous problems teachers are facing in getting selection by ASC for doing RC/OC which is essential for CAS for teachers. In many subjects numbers of RC organised by ASC are utterly inadequate. As a consequence the CAS of a large no of teachers is being delayed causing great hardships. Until and unless adequate numbers of scope of admissions on RC/OC are made available, it is necessary to extend the dates of RC/OC, at least till 31 Dec 2016.

7. The UGC has taken decisions regarding the amendment of PhD regulations. We welcome the decision. However, the introduction of new clauses like open viva will defeat the cause. We demand that all PhD holders/those who registered themselves fulfilling statutory provisions prevalent prior to notification of 2009 PhD regulation and submitted their thesis subsequently should be declared eligible for appointments.

8. New education policies: It is reported in Media that some changes are being contemplated by The Govt and UGC. In the past, teachers associations had been consulted. We request you to involve teachers associations in any such policy matter exercise.

9. Request for regular meetings: We request you to restore the long tradition of regular meetings with the AIFUCTO and FEDCUTA leadership every two/three months so that we may discuss the pending issues.

10. Pension issue:

(a) It is regrettable that teachers of some of the states’ universities and colleges are not covered under pension scheme. We demand all teachers must be covered under pension scheme.

(b) We strongly demand withdrawal of new pension scheme-2004 as it discriminates between old and new employees.

Best regards,

( name & signature of teachers)



1. Early and Attractive report of Pay Review Committee.
2. Complete Scraping of API
3. Immediate withdrawal of 3rd Amendment of Regulations-2010
4. Roll Back CBCS & CU Bill 2013
5. Extend dates of RC/ OC up to December’2016.
6. UGC Pay Scales for all categories of Teachers , Librarians, DPEs, Academic & Administrative Staff.
7. Stop Budget Cut & Commercialisation of Higher Education.
8. Reject Pension Scheme-2004 & Pension for all teachers
9. Consult Teachers’ Organisations on Education policy.

A joint Dharna programe is to be organised by AIFUCTO and FEDCUTA on 6th june 2016 at 11:30 a.m. in front of UGC office. The main and only demands are the withdrawal of API System which is totally anti teachers and constitute 7th pay review committee immediately. Friends as we know now struggle and agitation is the only way-out and it is the right time to fight out these burning issues of the teaching fraternity . Now our participation and strength will decide the success of the Dharna. So HGCTA appeals to all worthy members to participate in this Dharna and show our strength. Thanking you.

Sincerely yours

Dr. Nihal S. Chahar,

General Secretay


The Presidents/Secretaries

HGCTA units of all Govt. Colleges


Esteemed Colleagues,

I on behalf of the entire newly elected HGCTA would like to thank the entire teaching fraternity of the Government Colleges of Haryana from the core of my heart for their full cooperation and the faith that they have vested in me and my entire team. I also assure that my team will always work for strengthening the association and will always stand for the cause of teaching community. 

I also look forward for the same cooperation from one and all for providing us new strength so that we can work with full zeal and enthusiasm. Last but not the least, I would like to assure that my entire team will work without any malice. In the near future, we are likely to meet authorities of government of Haryana concerning the higher education in the state of Haryana for putting forward our charter of demands.

With regards

President, HGCTA

Dr. Ranbir Kadian

Associate Professor in the Subject of Mathematics

Pt. N. R. S. Govt. College, Rohtak